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“I was told my another place that my laptop was beyond repair and to buy a new one. I couldnt afford a new machine as I lost my job last year. I brought my machine into ITcentral.ie and discovered the issue with my HP laptop was repairable. I was back up and running in a few days. Really great service"


" I cracked the screen on my laptop needed it fixed fast- I use it for work as a sales rep. They actually had me back up and running in ½ hour. I really didnt think this was possible"


Virus Removal in Cork


Fake anti-virus? Pop ups? Slow laptop? These are just some of the symptoms of your laptop being infected with a virus.
Viruses come in many different methods, from email to instant messaging to browsing the internet through high risk websites and bad  websites. Even clicking on a pop up can trigger it to download and install without your knowledge.

Computer viruses are becoming more and more sophisticated, and sometimes even if you take the precaution of using an antivirus program it doesn't prevent your laptop from encountering problems.


ITcentral.ie can rid your machine of trojans and rootkit viruses, as well as other types of malicious software such as fake antivirus programs and adware (often the source of the annoying pop-ups).
For virus removal or any other computer repair service in Cork ITcentral.ie can sort it.