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Trade Repair Services


IT Repair Services (From €49.99) Nationwide Coverage 

Contact trade@ITcentral.ie for pricing

We offer trade pricing to IT companies who wish to outsource their repairs. Our service can help you offer a wider range of repair services without investing in additional equipment or hiring additional staff. 

All of the following repairs are available at trade prices (Sample List, contact us for more)

We can collect any repair job nationwide and normally have a max 72 hour turnaround

 Motherboard, Component Level Repair, & Liquid Damage 


We not only repair the DC socket or replace a defective resistor, capacitor, diode or bad IC components; we can fix problems and offer specialist BGA rework / reflow for Northbridge, Southbridge and graphics chips and Power IC Replacement (6-12 pin ICs) and Controller IC Replacement (200-400 pin ICs) Liquid damage is also catered for up and including total immersion. We have invested in equipment beyond the reach of most repair centres and have upgraded several times in recent years. Many repair centres will offer "motherboard repair services" with little more than a hot air gun and this can more often than not be bad news for the motherboard. We use several different machines depending on the nature of work to be undertaken and having various repair options is vital for a high success rate. Some of the units we use are pictured above (these pictures are actually our machines and were taken on site)

 Laptop Screen Repair & Related Services 


 We also repair laptop screens at trade prices and stock all types of laptop screens and related parts like screen cables, inverters etc. When we say we stock all types of screen we mean all types including apple and ultrabook screens. Its not always possible to know the type of screen which was installed in a laptop until its removed thats why its really important for us to have every screen varation in stock at all times. Our turnaround on trade laptop screen repairs is same day meaning if we collect your customers laptop on a Monday its delivered back to you on the Wednesday of the same week. Several times a week we find the screen is not at fault at all but having the whole spectrum of replacement parts ensures a repair is not delayed. A dim screen for example can be caused by any number of different issues including, bad inverter/cable/screen/display socket/IC chip 

Sample of Other Repairs Offered 

 PS3 Parts, USB port Replacement, Xbox (incl 360) iphone, iPad, virus removal, reinstalls, hdd recovery, upgrades, PC graphics card repair etc


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