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“I was told my another place that my laptop was beyond repair and to buy a new one. I couldnt afford a new machine as I lost my job last year. I brought my machine into ITcentral.ie and discovered the issue with my HP laptop was repairable. I was back up and running in a few days. Really great service"


" I cracked the screen on my laptop needed it fixed fast- I use it for work as a sales rep. They actually had me back up and running in ½ hour. I really didnt think this was possible"


 Motherboard, Component Level Repair, & Liquid Damage 


We not only repair the DC socket or replace a defective resistor, capacitor, diode or bad IC components; we can fix problems and offer specialist BGA rework / reflow for Northbridge, Southbridge and graphics chips and Power IC Replacement (6-12 pin ICs) and Controller IC Replacement (200-400 pin ICs)


Liquid damage is also catered for up and including total immersion. We have invested in equipment beyond the reach of most repair centres and have upgraded several times in recent years.


Many repair centres will offer "motherboard repair services" with little more than a hot air gun and this can more often than not be bad news for the motherboard.


We use several different machines depending on the nature of work to be undertaken and having various repair options is vital for a high success rate.

Some of the units we use are pictured above (these pictures are actually our machines and were taken on site)