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“I was told my another place that my laptop was beyond repair and to buy a new one. I couldnt afford a new machine as I lost my job last year. I brought my machine into ITcentral.ie and discovered the issue with my HP laptop was repairable. I was back up and running in a few days. Really great service"


" I cracked the screen on my laptop needed it fixed fast- I use it for work as a sales rep. They actually had me back up and running in ½ hour. I really didnt think this was possible"


 Liquid Damage 



Have you accidentally spilled liquid (water, coffee, coke, alcohol, milk, tea, juice, soft drink, beer, coke or wine) on your laptop? Damage due to liquid exposure is not covered by any manufacturer. Damage from laptop liquid spills is particularly common these days. 

The keyboard will most likely be affected by a liquid spill and the presence of liquid or moisture will affect your laptop’s ability to function properly. If your laptop computer is used with water damage, the battery could short and cause more problems to the logic board and internal components.
The faster you get your machine to us following liquid damage the higher the chance of success in repairing the machine. The first thing we do is fully strip the machine, and following this we treat the affected parts in our large Isopropyl sonic bath, which we invested in for exactly for this type of problem. Following the treatment all the parts are tested and the unit is reassembled. 

If your laptop has been liquid damaged

Turn it off

Take out the battery

bring it to us ASAP