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If there's one thing that makes every laptop owner quiver with fear, it is the thought of charger failure. Batteries die. That's something we accept in the knowledge that the trusty charger can restore it to full capacity and keep our laptops running while it does it. A charger dying, however, sends things spiralling towards panic mode fast.

Without a charger, a laptop is nothing more than a fancy paving slab completely useless. If the charger is not working, the laptop will not work; it is as simple as that.

Just as you put a backup plan in place for your data, it is important that you have measures to deal with a broken charger. This does not have to be any sort of military operation; in fact, all you need to do is make sure you have a replacement charger handy.

A lot goes on between the wall socket and the battery, and chargers come a cropper for various reasons: burnout, loose solder, or pets chewing through wires, to name but a few. It may even stop working for and this is the real sickener no apparent reason at all.

To prevent disaster, and a full-blown meltdown on your part, you should always have more than one laptop charger. These are readily available and fairly inexpensive, but you will need to make sure that you find one suited to your system.

Chargers may all look the same, but different manufacturers use differently shaped connectors that are unique to their brand. When you are buying a charger, always make sure you have the make and model of your laptop to hand so you do not find yourself trying to put a Sony connector into a Dell PC. Now that would cause a meltdown!

Here at IT Central we stock a huge range of laptop chargers and can help you find the right model for your device. If you are unsure which laptop charger you need our professional team will be able to identify the right product for you.

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