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“I was told my another place that my laptop was beyond repair and to buy a new one. I couldnt afford a new machine as I lost my job last year. I brought my machine into ITcentral.ie and discovered the issue with my HP laptop was repairable. I was back up and running in a few days. Really great service"


" I cracked the screen on my laptop needed it fixed fast- I use it for work as a sales rep. They actually had me back up and running in ½ hour. I really didnt think this was possible"


 Display Problems

The graphics processing unit in a computer handles tasks related to displaying visuals and can be part of a dedicated card or integrated with the motherboard. Like any other computer component, the GPU is subjected to strain when under heavy loads or overclocked. Indications that a GPU is reaching the end of its lifespan usually include visual anomalies, instability and poor performance along with increased fan noise.

Common Indicators of a GPU problem:

Increased Fan Noise

Crashes and Lockups

Reduced Performance and Instability

Visual Anomalies